An Online Course is a Parent’s Best Friend

We get it! You’re a busy parent and your schedule is often dictated by your baby.

That's why we've designed the Feeding Your Baby course so that you can access it at any time, anywhere – and on any device! Perfect when you’re up at night for a feed, out and about with baby, or have a few minutes to yourself during naptime.

Save yourself from the time and stress of browsing through Facebook groups or message boards with conflicting information and personal anecdotes.

Let Vibrant Nutrition be your trusted and reliable source right on your phone or computer.

An Online Course is a Parent’s Best Friend

Practical, Helpful, and Evidence-based Advice

Here is what you'll know after this course!

  • Common myths and facts about feeding babies.

  • When to start feeding your baby solids and how to know baby is ready to start eating.

  • The first foods you should give them and how much you should feed them.

Course Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn from the Feeding Your Baby course:

  1. Myths vs Facts
  2. When to Start Solid Food
  3. Signs to Watch For 
  4. Two Ways to Wean
  5. Preparing Food Textures
  6. Baby’s First Foods
  7. Foods to Avoid
  8. Food Safety Tips
  9. Feeding is Messy
  10. Portion Sizes and the Two Day Rule 
  11. Milk vs Food
  12. Allergies
  13. Gut Stuff
  14. Creating a Positive Mealtime Experience
  15. Last Bite

Feeding Your Baby isn’t a one and done experience

Here is what you will get to support your journey:

  • Captioned Feeding Your Baby course to watch at your convenience!

  • 17 short & concise videos – packed with useful information!

  • A 20-page book of Baby-Friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

  • Exclusive Feeding Your Baby calendar to track your babys’ progress and give you tips to encourage healthy eating!

  • Ongoing online support with a closed support group for Vibrant Families!

Feeding Your Baby Course Pricing



Vibrant Nutrition has helped thousands of new parents!

Here’s what they have to say:

“As a first-time mom of a 4 month old, Nishta's introduction to solids session was a great, fun way to learn about feeding my baby. Nishta is clearly very well informed about this topic, as both a dietitian and a mom, and she provided lots of helpful evidence and experience-based tips throughout the session in addition to covering the basics. Thanks again!”

“Just wanted to thank you for the Solid Foods session held at Jill and the Beanstalk. It was a great session, I learned so much! I left feeling very informed and confident. I had been nervous about this next step with my little one, but now I'm sure he's going to get everything he needs.”

My favourite part of working with Nishta was the trip to the supermarket. She really helped me zero in on healthy snacks for myself and my family and put me on a path to cleaner more wholesome eating. Thanks Nish!

Nishta is a fantastic Nutritionist. Our 20 month old was having trouble with his food intake (super picky eater), she really helped us establishing a good behaviour towards food. She got him eating veggies and meat after only 1 visit of assessment and suggestions!

About Nishta Saxena

Nishta Saxena has been working as a registered dietitian in the public and private sectors since 2005. Her expertise includes paediatric nutrition, along with chronic disease prevention and management. A frequently invited speaker at conferences, she presents up-to-date clinical nutrition concepts to physicians and the general public. Nishta is also a food and nutrition expert with Global National News, and makes regular contributions to CTV Your Morning, the Globe and Mail, and UHN News.
About Nishta Saxena

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